a good day…

The checker asked… Have you had a good day…?

I thought for a moment… Yes… I have had a good day…

But it wasn’t because time opened up unexpectedly in my day…

And it wasn’t because I had a massage…

It was because I got my bathroom clean…!

a good day

I know… pretty sad… huh…?

It’s a chore I don’t like to do… and often let go too long…

I suppose inspiration came from words I read this morning…

I’d wondered why in the world we have lives of to-do lists. Here’s to tossing those sorry things, crumpling them, tossing and burning them. The dirt around the tub rubs away and leaves restored clarity: To-do lists can become “to-love” lists.

The ceramic feels ridiculously sacred, like a space to love him. Like all love languages are spoken in the dialect of time. Time to serve, time to touch, time to give.

–Ann Voskamp, The Broken Way

So as I worked up the grit to tackle the grime… I also chose to embrace the chore as an act of love for my spouse…

I scrubbed and hummed… Bless the Lord… O my soul… feeling lighter as the grubby room began to shine… and got the job done…

I’d moved on with my day and hadn’t given it much thought… until she asked… Have you had a good day…?

And that’s what came to mind… a clean bathroom… an act of love…

Let all that you do be done in love.

1Corinthians 16:14 ESV

It just makes it a good day…!

1 thought on “a good day…”

  1. Kinda like that feeling when you have a dirty soul … sin … and ask forgiveness, and bam … clean. And feels oh so good to be clean … and loved.

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