The work of God.

You then, my child, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus…

2Timothy 2:1 ESV

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God’s work.

Grace is the work of God.

The original Greek translated as grace: charis.

charis — 1 grace. 1A that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm, loveliness: grace of speech. 2 good will, loving-kindness, favour. 2A of the merciful kindness by which God, exerting his holy influence upon souls, turns them to Christ, keeps, strengthens, increases them in Christian faith, knowledge, affection, and kindles them to the exercise of the Christian virtues 3. what is due to grace. 3A the spiritual condition of one governed by the power of divine grace. 3B the token or proof of grace, benefit. 3B1 a gift of grace. 3B2 benefit, bounty. 4 thanks (for benefits, services, favours), recompense, reward.

–Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon

God’s grace fully expresses His goodwill toward all He has made. The joy of a new day. another breath. the beauty of creation.
Often unrecognized
Totally transforming.

His greatest work of grace: Jesus, the Son whom He sent to save us. We are told to find strength in the grace He offers.

Yet, to be strengthened by His work of grace, we must accept we are wrong. Jesus came to save us from our sins which put the sure stamp of death on our lives from the moment of conception. It is essential to see ourselves as sinners. We are wrong and He is right.

Seeing the truth of sin in our lives leads to repentance.
A u-turn in our thinking.
A change in our course of life.
A setting ourselves apart from the ways of the world.

We enter into the work of humbling ourselves before Him, destroying the lies we’ve believed regarding will-power, independence, and self-importance. A painful process at times, seeing ourselves in His light as He exerts His holy influence on our lives. But with each step of repentance, we find Him mercy-full.

Grace for all.

The gift of each new day and breath shows us His grace is available to all. Jesus came to save the world — not condemn it. Through His work on the cross, He offers the grace of a life-preserver to whoever believes.

[Jesus Christ, the Righteous One] is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

John 2:2 NIV

Not everyone recognizes His work. It is concealed from unbelievers, those blinded by the enemy who weaves lies to overshadow the truth. For those blessed with eyes of faith, His grace becomes conspicuous, even in times of trouble.

To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless, to the pure you show yourself pure, but to the devious you show yourself shrewd.

Psalm 18:25-26 NIV

His grace is vital to our transformation. We often miss the work of His grace in pandemics, division, droughts, and death. But it’s there. And it’s part of the process of turning us to Him, to become transformed into a grace for others, just like His Son.

Without trouble, we have no opportunity to show mercy, without difficulties we have no recognition of our need, without weakness we will not call on His strength, without thirst we do not ask for water.

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All is grace.

His grace in all its goodness is found in everything He allows in your life. It is God’s work to transform you into an overflowing aqueduct of Living Water to a dying world. A beacon of hope in the bleak darkness.

The work of God’s grace in us is multifaceted. So many instances I could share, where His gentle conviction — His work of grace — turned me from pride and arrogance to save me from making a bigger mess than already existed. Then there are the times of joyful grace! The work of Jesus, freeing from shame and guilt. His work of grace showing me my place in His Kingdom, for good.

God’s grace is always at work.
For those who believe.
And those who don’t.

I find myself — Oh! — so grateful for every grace of His work in me, through me, and around me.

the Father who dwells in me does his works.

John 14:10 ESV

Have you received His work of grace?

Do you see His grace? in each new day? in the beauty of creation? in daily difficulties?

Consider the way you see the world. What is your source of strength? Are you wholly independent? What is your proper place in the world? What is your perspective of God?

Ask Him for eyes to see truth. Ask Him to free you from lies that blind. Ask Him to open your eyes to the work of His amazing grace.

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